Motion Tracking

What is tracking?

  • general description of Tracking, not too technical!
    Determination of position and orientation in the room: 3DOF, plus orientation --> 6DOF….
    Tracking Methods: (Table + 1 sentence each)
    - magnetic
    - mechanic
    - accustic
    - picture based (we do not yet reach the necessary accuracy, but our developers work on it!)
  • ART Tracking: inertial, optical (passive/active)
    --> WE DO: optical (passive and active): fail-safe and precise
    --> at spots where optical tr. is not possible --> the inertial will support
  • maybe: What do I need in a complete VR system? (graphic + hint to system integrators)

  --> For a deeper technical explanation, please have a look further below

    (Short explanation: what is it good for? Where is my benefit in it?? --> then Link to Applications)

Bilder / Grafiken!