Technical Support

If you need assistance in any technical issue, you have different ways to get help:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • Give us a call (T. +49-881-92530-00)
  • Use our email support via the contact form (possible: config File as attachmen?t)
  • Contact us for a technical on-site support to do a system installation and setup
  • Watch our tutorial videos in our Download Center:
    • How to … find the zero point of the coordinate system?
    • How to… do a room (or body) calibration?
    • How to… arrange the alignment of the cameras?)

Technical Trainings

For all our resellers but also for customers who need an introduction into the subject of tracking, set up of installations,
troubleshooting and finding solutions,…  we recommend a technical training, on-siteat your place or here at the ART office in Weilheim, Germany.


Download Center

You are a customer and need a technical data sheet, a manual or a latest software version, …? You would like to use a product picture for your communication channels?

Or you'd like to watch a training video explaining the main processes to start and configurate an ART tracking system?

We provide this useful information (and more) in our Download Center!