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Flag Day, officially named National Flag of Canada Day (French: Jour du drapeau national du Canada), is observed annually on February 15, commemorating the inauguration of the Flag of Canada on that date in 1965.[1] The day is marked by flying the flag, occasional public ceremonies, and educational programs in schools. It is not a public holiday, although there has been discussion about creating one.


It has been suggested that Flag Day should be declared a national statutory holiday, as there are no such days off between New Year's Day and Good Friday, except Family Day in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan, and Louis Riel Day in Manitoba.[8][9] That suggestion grew louder as the flag celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2005.[citation needed] On Flag Day in 2007, New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Peggy Nash introduced a private member's bill to make Flag Day a federal statutory holiday, leaving it to the provinces to decide if the holiday would be marked in their respective jurisdictions.


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